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Wheat-O-Power Ultra

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FlavourAloe Wheatgrass
Weight 584

Wheat-O-Power Ultra Juice 500 ml (Aloe Wheatgrass)

- Wheat-O-Power Juice is a unique blend of all natural herbs

- Aloe vera, Wheatgrass, Tulsi

- Wheatgrass is said to be an excellent blood tonic which helps in blood purification and to balance haemoglobin levels. Health benefits of wheatgrass include antioxidant properties, stimulating metabolism, supporting digestion and detoxification of the body and more.

- Aloe vera is considered to be a nutritional storehouse. It acts as an immune booster, antioxidant.

- Tulsi has active ingredient tannins that can help, support and modulate immune function. Tulsi is considered to be an incredibly potent antioxidant which fights against free radical damage.

Benefits :

- Acts as an excellent blood tonic which helps in blood purification

-Helps provide essential micronutrients to the body

-Supports digestion & detoxification of the body

-Helps in balancing the haemoglobin count

-Acts as an antioxidant agent

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