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Barley Grass 100gms Powder

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Barley grass - 100 gms powder Green Food Supplement A nutritional powerhouse, Barley Grass (Hordeum vulgare) is one of the few forms of vegetation on earth that can provide you sole nutritional support from cradle to grave.

- Barley Grass is a holistic food concentrate that helps to regulate the acid-alkaline base of our body. This helps to maintain healthy function of joints, muscles, urinary & digestive system.

- Barley grass helps to improve the flow of urine and aids in detoxification of the body

- Also helps in self healing of the body.

Benefits :

- Helps to detoxify & remove toxins from the body

- Helps Increase body’s self healing properties

- Supports in Urinary tract problems & kidney problems due to Diabetes, high blood pressure.

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